The name of Tukay means a whole epoch in the intellectual development of the Tatar people, its literature, art and the whole culture making....

Gabdulla Tukay Not All That Glitters Is Gold

At night a dazzling, splashy butterfly
Over the flowers joyfully would fly.
Then, once, he noticed something from afar,
Twas shimmering and shining, like a little star.
The butterfly loved beauty. In pure exultation
He swiftly flew toward the amazing radiation.
It was a tiny ember in the bonfire left by a stranger,
Landing on it the butterfly died, unaware of danger.  


В оригинале на татарском: Һәр ялтыраган алтын түгел

В переводе на русский язык: Не все то золото, что блестит (Перевод В.Думаевой-Валиевой)


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