The name of Tukay means a whole epoch in the intellectual development of the Tatar people, its literature, art and the whole culture making....

Gabdulla Tukay Kazan and Beyond 

The city of Kazan up on a hill is radiant like a torch,
Tall as a candle is each mosque, minaret, and church.
Kazan, your light shines forth for other towns so bright,
Showing all and sundry, which way for them is right.
Tetyushi and Spas, Chary and Chistopol,
They are so dear to me I’d like to name them all.
Kazan, look round at these towns and villages,
While sharing light with them, you linger in dark ages.
The spot beneath a lamp or candle has no light,
God, I hate this wisdom ’cause it’s damn so right.


В оригинале на татарском: Казан вә Казан арты

В переводе на русский язык: Казань и Заказанье (Перевод В.Думаевой-Валиевой)



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